Goals and Objectives

What is the Purpose of the Technology Development Zone?

By ensuring cooperation among universities, research institutions and agencies and the production sector, the purpose of Technology Development Zones are to: ,

  • Generate technological information to provide the national industry with an internationally competitive and export-oriented structure
  • Introduce innovations across products and production methods
  • Raise the quality or standard of products
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease the costs of production
  • Commercialise technological knowledge
  • Support technology intensive production and entrepreneurship
  • Enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to adapt to new and advanced technologies
  • Create investment opportunities in technology intensive areas to support decisions of Supreme Council of Science and Technology
  • Create job opportunities for researchers and qualified persons
  • Support technology transfer
  • Provide the technological infrastructure which will accelerate the entry of the foreign capital which, in turn, will provide high/advanced technology.

What are the objectives of the Technological Development Zone?

  • To contribute to R & D potential and the production ability in technology of Turkey,
  • To be an elementof sustainable development for Turkey,
  • To encourage and support entrepreneurship and innovation,
  • To provide the processing of technology production and experience of Turkey to support sector priorities,
  • To create a supportive environment for technology transfer,
  • To support the production of advanced technology products and services for the global markets ,
  • To encourage and foster University - Industry,
  • To transform University research and knowledge to contribute to economic,
  • To create employment in the country for skilled labour,
  • To strengthen international cooperation across R&D efforts,
  • To support the formation and growth of the companies using local, raw materials, engaging in high value-added production, and using advanced technologies,
  • To promote the development, transfer and the commercialization of technology,
  • To provide infrastructure and technical support for companies to conduct  R&D activities,
  • To contribute to  the collaboration  between Technology Institutes/Universities and Industry,
  • To ensure the transfer of research from Technology Institutes and  Universities to economic value,
  • To raise the economic and technological level of the country and contribute to the enhancement of international competitiveness and economic development.

İzmir Technology Development Zone (Teknopark İzmir) has reached the main objectives and goals and will  focus on solving the technological problems of Turkish Industry by;

  • Taking care of Turkish industry and keeping them informed about R&D and knowledge,
  • Developing projects with industry organizations to create economic and social transformation to contribute to our local economy.