Innovation Center

Teknopark İzmir Innovation Center is an interface which provides the environment to enable potential entrepreneurs within the region to create technology oriented innovations.

Innovation Center which will provide qualified trainings needed in the region for innovation activities and develop applicable business ideas by incubation and ensure production of value added goods and services will also mediate in technology  transfer  to needed media.

Innovation Center ensuring the basic infrastructure required to emerge qualified techno-entrepreneurship will establish a live innovation and technology development eco-system and aims to render the region an attraction center and its growth organically.

Region’s dynamics and human resources will be assessed thanks to the Innovation Center and formation of innovative and technology oriented entrepreneurs is ensured and another new infrastructure is established which will increase İzmir’s competitiveness.  And in this direction, the center meets basic requirements of entrepreneurs by a self sufficient and sustainable model.

Units and Fields within the Center:

Qualified units and fields within the Innovation Center established on an indoor area of 7500 m2 within the additional land of technology development zone  of 6.5 hectares owned by Teknopark İzmir are as following:

 1    Incubation Center
 2.    Promotion, Patenting and Technology Transfer Office 
 3.    Shareholders Office
 4.    Qualified Social Equipment Fields
 5.    Technical Training Halls
 6.    Meeting Halls
 7.    Fab Lab
 8.    Offices for Rent
 9.    Commercial Areas for Rent

Incubation Center

It is highly important that a separate unit takes part in such a work which will especially interest in techno- entrepreneurship activities supporting economic growth of  the region and country .

Therefore, there is an Incubation Center within the Innovation Center as a structure supporting Techno-entrepreneurs in tangible and intangible terms during their first 3 years in which they are weak.

On an area of 900 m2 in total, no rental is collected from techno-entrepreneurs located  in the Incubation Center which will host 80 techno-entrepreneurs. 

“Promotion, Patenting and Technology Transfer Office”

“Promotion, Patenting and Technology Transfer Office” located  in the Innovation Center aims to provide  university/ industrial collaboration.

This office carries out works to increase center’s visibility and recognition and implements technology transfer needed to protect intellectual properties created. 

Shareholders Office

Shareholders Office provides an open office for all shareholders supporting innovation, techno-entrepreneurship and competition. Shareholders Office presented as fully equiped with an area of 75 m2 has the quality of a satellite office at which techno-entrepreneurs may get specialized support they need in accounting, finance, law etc. fields.

Training and Meeting Halls

Multi purpose training and meeting halls within the Innovation Center where training/ development continues constantly have been planned in a way increasing creativity and socialization.  These halls may be used for various organizations of entrepreneur companies along with training activities.

Fab Lab

Fab Lab  ensuring support of training, production and R&D activities has been equipped by advanced technology machinery and equipment and offered to use of R&D companies and techno-entrepreneurs in İzmir.   Especially, it is arranged in a way enabling fast prototyping activities for design and equipment projects.    
Applied trainings are also provided periodically in the Fab Lab  for entrepreneurs and students from engineering and design departments of universities.


Incubation Center
Promotion, Patenting and Technology Transfer Office
Qualified Training and Meeting Halls
Fab Lab


This publication has been preprared under the İZTEKGEB Innovation Center Project supported by İzmir Development Agency.  The only responsibility on the content belongs to İzmir Technology Development Zone and it doesn’t reflect opinions of İzmir Development Agency and Ministry of Development.