Regional Advantages

Having access to IZTECH, an international research institute, provides a global R&D environment for Teknopark Izmir companies. This structure is also a main goal of IZTECH.

Other founders of the region such as Ege University and Dokuz Eylül University offer technical and social opportunities to the companies.  Also, İzmir University of Economics, a private university, contributes to R&D activities conducted within the Zone.  

Bölge kurulurken çevredeki düşük yoğunluktaki yapılaşmaya uyum sağlanarak doğal yapının korunmuş olması doğa ile iç içe huzurlu bir çalışma ortamı sağlamaktadır.

Legal Advantages

• Foreign nationals and qualified R&D personnel may be employed within the framework of Law on Foreign Capital Incentives no. 6224 and provisions of relevant legislation.

• Personnel of public institutions, agencies, and universities required to perform services as research personnel for the activities in the Zone may be employed part-time or full-time upon the permission of their institutions.

• Academic personnel may establish a company with permission of the Executive Board of the University for the purpose of commercializing the outcome of their studies, assume partnership in an established company, and/or assume positions in the management of such companies.

• The revenues gained by the managing company via the applications of this Law and the revenues gained by the taxpayers that reside in the Zone via R&D practices are exempt from Income and Corporate Tax until 31.12.2023

• Also, wages and earnings of researchers, software developers and R&D personnel are exempt from all taxes until 31.12.2023.

• In accordance with law no. 4691 regarding Technology Development Zones, during the period entrepreneurs conduct business in technology developing zones, entrepreneurs are exempt from income or corporate tax; other delivery and services produced exclusively in these zones and in the form of system management, data management, business applications, sectorial, internet, mobile and military command control application software are also excluded from value added tax. 

• Additionally, according to law no. 5746 on supporting research and development activities, personnel whose wages are exempted from the income tax and who work at the companies in technology development zones as per law no. 4691, the insurance premium of employer share which is calculated through their wages is to covered by payments from the Ministry of Finance for five years for each employee.