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Argela Technologies

İzmir Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi Anonim Şirketi İYTE Kampusu, Gülbahçe Mahallesi, Urla 35430 – İZMİR

Sektör :

Telecom, Solutions,, 5G, &, Beyond,, Multi-Access, Edge, Cloud,, Virtual, Broadband, Access,, Virtual, Radio, Access, Networks,, Network, Slicing,, Network, Monitoring,, AI, &, Bıg, Data, Analytics,, Public, Safety, &, Defence

Uzmanlıklar :

Telecommunications, Public Safety and Defense, Research and Development

Yetkili :

Burak Görkemli

Established in 2004, Argela Technologies is a global telecommunications solution provider for today’s needs and an innovator of technologies and solutions for tomorrow’s networks.

As a leader in the industry for more than 15 years, Argela has fostered relationships with companies across the world. At home in Turkey, our Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul offices provide telecom and public safety solutions for telecom operators, government and national defense.

Beyond Turkey, our presence is prominent in Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the United States, where our Sunnyvale, CA, office has close ties to the American tech movement.

As a member of Turk Telekom group of companies of Turkey, Argela is registered under the laws of Turkey. Turk Telekom Group, the leading communication and convergence technology group in Turkey, provides integrated telecommunication services from PSTN and GSM to broadband internet.

Argela has a wide presence in the region with multiple deployments in various telecom operators in different countries. Argela combines its extensive telecom expertise with its high energy and ultimate passion to add value to its customers’ businesses. Argela operates with around 200 high-skilled and experienced personnel having 85% of the staff in R&D. Furthermore Argela collaborates with local small & mid-size Turkish technology companies to provide integrated solutions.

Argela develops new generation telecommunication solutions for network operators, partners with leading technology development organizations around the globe, develops new technologies for future networks and offers integrated platforms for the best utilization of future’s technologies for today’s’ converged networks. 

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