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Vitus Commodities / Senior Data Science Engineer

Yayınlanma Tarihi: 20/09/2021


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İş Tanımı:

Job description:

Senior Data Science Engineer

Vitus Commodities trades actively in global energy and crypto currency markets. The company is looking for a candidate to fill the position of Senior Data Science Engineer for our expanding trading operations. This is a great position for candidates that are looking to gain experience in a fast-paced environment and learn about energy and crypto markets in depth. Since this position requires a lot of correspondence with our international trading partners, English proficiency is a firm requirement. Other qualifications we are looking for are below:


The Role: This position is responsible for the development and maintenance of the statistical/machine learning models that we utilize to predict various time series data. He/she will look to leverage their broad scope of knowledge when performing analysis on data sets using programming and scripting languages. The Data Scientist is expected to perform high level analytic work and modeling.


What's in it for you: This person would be placed on a challenging environment, gaining knowledge in fundamentals modelling, statistical inference, optimization and machine learning pertaining to the commodity markets. The person would gain exposure in multiple (mostly energy) commodity markets, working with industry experts in a global team. Numerous opportunities abound to showcase this person's creative ambitions, presentation abilities and thought leadership.




·      Analyze various time series data related to markets all over the world.

·      Performs detailed, thorough analysis and modeling of various time series.

·      Selection, development and deployment of advanced statistical procedures in order to generate actionable insights.

·      Monitoring and improvement of the deployed projects.

·      Guides the junior members of the team.


What We're Looking For


We're looking for someone who is:

·      Experienced in machine learning, especially time series forecasting.

·      Inquisitive, conscientious, an effective problem solver and communicator.

·      Always looking for improvement opportunities.

·      Never afraid of applying some unrelated method to the problem at hand, although it will fail occasionally.


You'll love this job because you'll be in a dynamic environment where market-moving changes occur every day, surrounded by high-energy individuals who are enthusiastic about covering markets, spotting key trends and reporting about those trends to our curious customers. 



·      At least 2-3 years work experience in related field or fresh graduate from PhD in machine learning/deep learning related research program.

·      MSc degree in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and/or related field of study. Equivalent experience within their discipline also considered.

·      PhD Degree in a computational field is a plus.

·      Strong foundation in probability and statistics.

·      4+ years experience using Python (numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, pandas) for quantitative analysis and modelling.

·      Excellent knowledge of basic data structures and algorithms, object-oriented programming, SQL/relational databases.

·      Excellent knowledge of machine learning algorithms (deep learning is a plus), their basics, logic and interpretations. 

·      Solid experience in model deployment into production and familiarity with model management and deployment processes in general (MLOps)

·      Comfortable in diving into bleeding-edge research, reading latest research articles, replicating results and prototyping possible solutions

·      Eagerness to dive into the domain knowledge (power, energy and financial markets) and extract meaningful insights to incorporate into models

·      Displays well-rounded communication skills that implement good listening techniques, clear, concise writing style; and good verbal skills. The ability to communicate across a wide range of groups and personalities.

·      Works well in a team environment, focusing on collaboration and adapting to the needs of a diverse team.

·      Willing to live or already located in Izmir.


Preferred Qualifications


·      Strong background in quantitative modeling and statistical inference.

·      M.Sc./PhD. Degree in a STEM field.


After application, we will have a 15 minutes screening interview with the relevant candidates about basic programming/Python knowledge. After this step, successful candidates shall receive a case assignment to assess their qualifications. 


What Vitus offers

We offer a fun and engaging environment and fully paid vacation. We also cover fully paid private health insurance, full social security benefits and meal payments. We ask our employees to add to their knowledge base every year, so the company also supports the employee to gain knowledge in any area of interest.

We are a company full of passionate people in areas of energy, trading and artificial intelligence. We would like to welcome any positive professional into our team and help them build a long-term career.


Employment Type


If you are interested drop us your email at recruiting@vituscommodities.com.


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