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İzmir Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi A Ş.

Türkiye İş Bankası

Basmane - İzmir Branch

1134392 account for Turkish Lira

The project is closed by creating a record in the Project>Project Termination Form>New field. With the 'Request Completion Certificate' button in the relevant field, the completion certificate request is sent for evaluation on the system and the hardcopy sign of the form is delivered to the Management Office with the payment document.

Project completion certificate request is 550TL+VAT (18%). The request is handled after the document and all the attachments (hardcopy signed) are received from the Technopark Management Office.

Filling the Project>Imported Goods Request Form/Machinery Equipment VAT Exemption Request Form and sending it for evaluation through the system; The hardcopy signed document must be submitted to the Management Office with the attachment of the payment receipt. A separate request must be created and paid for each application. Application fees are 225 TL + VAT (18%).

All of the project revision requests are created in the Project>Project Revision>Project Revision Form>New field on the portal and sent for evaluation; In addition, the hardcopy signed version of the form should be submitted to the Management Office with the payment receipt.

Revision evaluation costs for the project time extension request, revision of the team to be assigned in the project and VAT exemption request are 275 TL + VAT (18%). These fees are applied with a 50% discount for student and academic companies.

Filling in all fields of the form from the Project>Project Information Form>New field for existing entrepreneurial companies and sending them for evaluation on the system; In addition, the hardcopy signed printout must be submitted to the Management Office with the attachment of the receipt.

Project evaluation fee for existing entrepreneurial companies is 300 TL + VAT (18%).

A 50% discount is applied over these amounts for student and academic companies.

A passport size photograph and an excel form sent by the Entrepreneur Relations Unit should be filled and sent to “secil.ozmen@teknoparkizmir.com.tr” for the personnel registered in the R&D Portal. Card fee is 25 TL + VAT (%18) for each card. Payment documents should also be sent as an e-mail attachment.

Personnel should be registered from the Personnel>Personnel Identification Card>New field on the R&D Portal. After the registration, a copy of ID, diploma and SGK employment statement should be uploaded and sent for evaluation in the upload file field. If the SGK of the personnel who will take part in the project is not paid (Bağ-Kur, Academician), a document showing the situation must be uploaded. Even if the personnel registration is approved, it should be taken into consideration that only the personnel involved in the project can benefit from the exceptions.


İzmir Technology Development Zone Inc.

Türkiye İş Bankası

Basmane - Izmir Branch

TL account no 3402-1222335

IBAN: TR47 0006 4000 0013 4021 2223 35

İzmir Technology Development Zone Inc.

Türkiye İş Bankası

Basmane - Izmir Branch

TL account no 3402-1206745

IBAN:TR94 0006 4000 0013 4021 2067 45

İzmir Technology Development Zone Inc.

Türkiye İş Bankası

Basmane - Izmir Branch

TL account no 1046009

IBAN: TR89 0006 4000 0013 4021 0460 09

Companies that carry out R&D, software or design projects can apply to Technopark İzmir.

It is not compulsory to relocate your company with all of its activities to Teknopark İzmir. An R&D or software development branch of your company can be present inside Teknopark İzmir.

Some tax advantages are provided to firms operating inside Technology Development Zones.

i. Income tax exemptions till the end of 2023 regarding the salaries of researchers, software developers and R & D personnel working in the zone.

ii. Personal income tax and corporate income tax due to R&D and software activities inside the zone are exempted till the end of 2023

iii. Deliverables and services in the form of system management, data management, business applications, sectoral, internet, mobile and military command and control application software are also exempted from value added tax.

The cost of the allocated office space changes according to the building allocated to the applicant firm. The costs are 49,40 TL, 58,35 TL and 83 TL + VAT. The utility cost varies 17,50 TL, 18,75 TL, 20 TL and 24,30 TL according to the allocated building. The utility cost covers landscaping, air conditioning facilities for common areas, cleaning, security, common area electricity and water treatment. Electricity, telephone and data services inside the R&D offices are excluded from the utility cost.

The evaluation process takes at most thirty working days after sending the signed application forms to Teknopark Management

Commission Members consist of experts in the company's field of activity and software development projects.
In the appointment of the Commission members, priority is given to IZTECH faculty members.

Applications are pre-assessed by the Managing Company. It is examined whether the applicant's qualifications and the works that he/she wishes to carry out in the Region are in accordance with the Law, Regulation and the purpose of the establishment of the Region. Project Evaluation Commission is established according to the sectors for the applications that are found suitable as a result of the preliminary evaluation. On a day determined by the Managing Company, the Project Evaluation Commission comes together with the applicants and conducts interviews and examines the submitted projects. After the negotiations, the Project Evaluation Commission conveys its views on the applications to the Managing Company. The Managing Company makes the final decision on the application, taking the opinions of the Commission into account. The accepted applicant is invited to the contract.

An amount of 1,500 Turkish Lira+Value Added Tax (18%) is charged from the companies for their applications to Technopark İzmir.

Before receiving the applications of companies and entrepreneurs who want to be in the Region,Teknopark İzmir Managing Company conducts a preliminary interview and gets information about their projects. In these interviews, the points to be considered in the applications are specified, then the company or the entrepreneur submits the Teknopark İzmir Application Form to theTeknopark İzmirManaging Company together with the other information requested in the annex.

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