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Aims and Goals

Aims of Technology Development Zones and Teknopark İzmir:

To produce technological knowledge in order to make the country's industry internationally competitive and export-oriented by ensuring the collaboration of universities, research institutions and manufacturing sector,

To develop innovations in production methods, to increase product quality and standards, to increase productivity, to reduce production costs,

To commercialize technological knowledge, to support technology-intensive production and entrepreneurship, to adapt small and medium-sized enterprises to new and advanced technologies,

To create investment opportunities in technology-intensive areas, to create job opportunities for researchers and skilled labor, to assist technology transfer, and to provide the technological infrastructure that will accelerate the entry of foreign capital into the country, taking into account the decisions of the Supreme Council of Science and Technology.

Objectives of Technology Development Zones and Technopark İzmir:

To contribute to Turkey's R&D potential and its ability to produce technology,

To be one of the elements of sustainable development for Turkey,

To encourage and support entrepreneurship and innovation,

To provide infrastructure and technical support to companies to carry out their R&D studies,

To support the establishment and growth of companies that use local raw materials and produce with high added value and use/produce advanced technology in the region,

To support the production of advanced technology products and services for global markets,

To strengthen international collaboration in R&D studies,

To encourage the development, transfer and commercialization of technology, to create a proper environment for technology transfer,

To make university-industry collaboration effective and continuous,

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