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For Students

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University students may choose to take part in entrepreneur teams in Classboom pre-incubation center operating inside Teknopark İzmir as well as become entrepreneurs by establishing their own companies.

Teknopark İzmir R&D firms established by the university students are supported in Classboom incubation center and take advantage of some benefits including rent deductions. These advantages are explained in detail during the application process.

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Entrepreneurs can establish a new company, move the center office or establish a branch inside Teknopark İzmir.

Entrepreneurs that want to start or move their R&D activities inside Teknopark İzmir should finish their two-step application by pre-application and application.

For more detailed information and contact, call Teknopark İzmir Public Relations Unit at +90232-765-9091 (ext. 19)

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Entrepreneurs that registered the application portal should finalize the application form. The application form consists of 3 main sections:

  1. Company Information
  2. Employee Information
  3. Project Information


A “green tick” appears on the screen for the completed sections as the applicant finalize each section.

The application portal gives a chance to submit the application form if all the sections turned green tick.

For more detailed information about the evaluation process and documents to be submitted, contact +90232-765-9091 (ext. 16)

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After entrepreneurs finalize the application process to Teknopark Izmir, an office space approved by the Management Office can be reserved for the applicant during the evaluation process.

The result of the application process is declared as a written statement to the entrepreneur. If the application is approved by jury members, the entrepreneur is called for the signature of a contract called “R&D Space Allocation Contract” between Teknopark İzmir and the entrepreneur.

For more detailed information about the process of allocation R&D office space , contact +90232-765-9091 (ext. 19)

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R&G portal (in Turkish ARGEPORTAL) is a software which is used as an interface to follow up the records of the entrepreneur firms and their project information as well as the responsibilities of the entrepreneurs defined under law regulation number 4691.

Entrepreneurs can access the interface after filling the candidate firm application form and receiving an email about the directions. Access to the portal can be done by a user name and a password.

For more detailed information about the evaluation process and documents to be submitted, contact +90232-765-9091 (ext. 16)

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