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Innovation Center


"Innovation Center Project", which will transform Izmir into a place where creative ideas in the field of technology are transformed into value-added products and services, is supported by the Izmir Development Agency.

The project, signed on 10 July 2012, was the first guided project supported by development agencies in Turkey. The Innovation Center Project was entitled to get Guided Project Support in accordance with the regional development strategy plan prepared by the Izmir Development Agency.

Innovation Center, which provides the basic infrastructure for the emergence of qualified techno-entrepreneurs, aims to make the region a center of attraction and grow organically by creating a dynamic innovation and technology development eco-system.

Under the favor of the Innovation Project, the dynamics and human resources of the region were utilized and innovative and technology-oriented startups were established, while a new infrastructure was created that will increase the competitiveness of İzmir. The center covers the basic needs of entrepreneurs with a self-sufficient and sustainable financial model.

The qualified units and areas in the Innovation Center, which was established in a 7500 m2 closed area on the 6.4 hectare technology development zone land belonging to Teknopark İzmir, are listed as follows:

  1. Incubation Center

  2. Technology Transfer Office

  3. Stakeholders Office

  4. Qualified Social Reinforcement Areas

  5. Training Halls

  6. Meeting Rooms

  7. Prototype Workshop  

  8. Rentable Offices

  9. Rentable Commercial Spaces 

Incubation Center

Within the Innovation Center, there is an Incubation Center as a structure that will support startups in tangible and intangible ways in their first 3 years when they are most vulnerable.

In the Incubation Center, which will host 80 startups on a total area of 900 m2, startups are not charged a rental fee.

Technology Transfer Office

It is aimed to ensure university-industry collaboration with the "Technology Transfer Office" located in the Innovation Center. With this office, the technology transfer needed for the protection of the created intellectual assets is carried out.

Stakeholder Office

With the Stakeholder Office, an open office is offered to all stakeholders that support innovation, startups and competition. The Stakeholders Office, which is 75 m2 in size and fully equipped, is a satellite office where startups can get consultancy services in areas such as accounting, finance and law.

Training and Meeting Halls

Multi-purpose training and meeting halls are designed to increase creativity and socialization within the Innovation Center. These halls can be used in various organizations of companies as well as educational activities.

Prototype Workshop    

Prototype Workshop, which is equipped with advanced technology machinery and equipment, supports training, production and R&D activities. It is designed to allow rapid prototyping activities especially for design and hardware projects. Applied training is given to entrepreneurs, engineering and design students of universities at regular intervals in workshops.

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