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VisuCar / Junior Full-Stack Developer

Yayınlanma Tarihi: 27.10.2023


www.visucar.com Firma Profiline Git


Genel Nitelikler:

Genel Nitelikler: Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or related field Programming/coding fundamentals in a language such as C, C++, Java, Python, or JavaScript.SQL database or relational database skills.Experience with a public cloud such as Azure, GCP or AWS. Familiarity with multiple tiers, like React Frontends and Microservices. Curiosity about our customers, and is eager to improve their day-to-day experience.Loves shipping features that are immediately used by our customers

İş Tanımı:

As a Software Engineer focusing on the Telematics Full Stack team at VisuCar, you will design and develop features across a broad surface area with a tangible impact on active and future customers. You’ll tackle engineering challenges ranging from architecting data structures for mass data collection to presenting data analytics in intuitive and performant ways on desktop, web and mobile. Our Telematics team takes real-time signals from our Telematics Gateways deployed in vehicles (think: GPS, Engine RPM, Fuel Levels and hundreds more) and processes them to help our customers make their vehicle fleets safer, greener, and more efficient. 

We use Python for our backend, React for our web client, Qt/QML for desktop and mobile application. Direct experience with these technologies is not required.

          In this role, you may work on:

  • A system that optimizes routes for fleets of vehicles
  • Live rendering and animating thousands of vehicles concurrently on country-scale maps
  • Using driving quality metrics computed from vehicle sensor data to gamify the driver experience
  • Champion, role model, and embed VisuCar’s cultural principles (Focus on Customer Success, Build for the Long Term, Adopt a Growth Mindset, Be Inclusive, Win as a Team) as we scale globally



You can send your applications directly to info@visucar.com

Diğer Bilgiler:

  • Tecrübe Durumu: Final year students are welcome to apply
  • Çalışma Şekli: Full and Part Time
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